P.O Box 15118
325 South Belmont Street
York, Pennsylvania 17405

Medic 102

In cooperation with local ambulance clubs and municipalities, UPMC Pinnacle Memorial initiated York County’s first hospital-based life support service in January of 1980, called Medic 102. Medic 102 provides advanced life support care to the critically ill and severely injured patients of York County. This “hospital on wheels” responds to approximately 4,500 requests for service each year.

In addition to responding to emergencies, Medic 102 is actively involved with the following:

  • Precepting of paramedic and EMT students
  • Community events such as career fairs, parades and school presentations
  • County-wide disaster planning and other regulatory committees
  • Ride-along programs for high school students
  • Educational programs for county-wide ambulances and the general public

 In 2008, Medic 102 placed a second unit into service at the Alert Fire Company in Emigsville.

Medic 102 also provides EMT support for various ambulances in York and Adams Counties.