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Patient Information
The following information will help prepare you for your surgery at UPMC Pinnacle Memorial's Outpatient Surgery Center. It is very important that these instructions and those of your physician be followed carefully. It is your responsibility to provide those involved in your care with accurate, complete information regarding your present surgery, past illness, medications, and any unexpected changes in your condition. If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, please call us Monday through Friday at 717-849-5659 between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Taking steps to prepare for surgery can help you be more involved in your plan of care.  The Joint Commission has prepared a brief video called Speak Up: Preparing for Surgery to help patients prepare for surgery.  Click on the title to visit The Joint Commission's website and view the video. 

UPMC Pinnacle Memorial's Outpatient Surgery Center is located at 1750 Fifth Avenue, York, Pennsylvania, near the Hospital. Please see the map in your Patient Information Booklet. Ample free parking surrounds the building. You will enter the building using the Front Entrance.
A responsible adult, at least 18 years of age, must be available to transport you home following your discharge from the Surgery Center. You will need to identify this important person upon arrival. When contacted, escorts must be able to arrive at the Surgery Center within 30 minutes. Your escort should not have any other commitments or appointments on the day of your surgery. Children who are having surgery must be placed in an appropriate car seat. Another adult for driving is strongly recommended. A parent or legal guardian must remain at the Center during the child's entire stay. If you do not have an escort (as defined above) on the day of surgery, your surgery will be postponed.  Patients who have had anesthesia during surgery must have an escort stay with them for 24 hours after discharge. 
A visit to UPMC Pinnacle Memorial's Outpatient Surgery Center anytime prior to your surgery can be made by calling the Center to schedule an appointment. This visit will acquaint you with our facility and staff. Also, this visit will help to eliminate any anxiety and provide us with the opportunity to educate you concerning your surgery. These visits are especially beneficial for children. We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity and it is considered a part of your overall care. It is strongly recommended that you have all pre-operative testing completed a week prior to your scheduled surgery, so that we may obtain the results in a timely manner. If a pregnancy test is ordered, it should be done within 7 days or less, prior to your surgery.
Your physician will give you a tentative time for surgery. You will be called the day before surgery by a nurse from the Center to verify your exact arrival time, review your instructions and to answer any questions. It is your responsibility to inform staff if you feel you will have difficulty following these instructions. The Surgery Center will make every effort to adapt your plan of care to meet specific limitations and needs. If you have not been contacted by 3:00 p.m. the day before surgery, please call the Surgery Center for your instructions at 717-843-7613. If your surgery is scheduled for Monday, please call on Friday if you have not been contacted. Due to patient confidentiality issues, we will not leave detailed pre-operative instructions on answering machines.
We suggest loose fitting, comfortable clothing and shoes be worn the day of your surgery. Do not wear high heel shoes. Do not wear heavy make-up or any jewelry, including body piercings. Please do not bring valuables. For your safety, all make-up must be completely removed before surgery. Bathing or showering the day before surgery is recommended to decrease the number of bacteria present on skin surfaces, minimizing the risk of infection after surgery.
A light dinner the evening before surgery is recommended and liquids are permitted until midnight. After midnight, do not eat or drink anything unless instructed otherwise. This includes water and chewing gum. Smoking should be limited. Parents with young children will be given further instructions concerning feeding during the pre-operative telephone call.
It is important for you to inform the Surgery Center of all medications that you take. At the time of your pre-operative telephone call, instructions will be given as to which medications to take prior to your surgery.
Upon arrival at our Center, you will be greeted and registered. At that time, you will be asked to verify the information we have received from your surgeon’s office (address, Social Security number, etc.) and to sign a few forms. One of the forms you will be signing is an insurance “Assignment”. This form allows us to bill your insurance and receive payment directly from your insurance company. If your insurance company has pre-certification requirements for outpatient surgery, please be sure they have all been met prior to surgery and bring any referral forms with you. We will photocopy your insurance card(s) and keep them as part of your billing file. Because we are a state-approved facility, we are required to maintain statistics on race and religion; therefore, you will be asked to provide your religious preference.
Following your surgery, you will be monitored in a recovery area. When fully awake and stable, your escort may join you in our Phase II Recovery Area until discharge. The length of time you stay will depend upon the nature of your surgery. A nurse will review instructions that are provided by your physician and the Center concerning medication, diet and activity. Overnight hospital admission is occasionally necessary following day surgery. It is our expectation that patients and family will follow UPMC Pinnacle Memorial's Outpatient Surgery Center’s rules regarding patient care and conduct by showing consideration to other patients and staff, and helping to control noise and distractions. Patients and family members are responsible for respecting the property of others and of UPMC Pinnacle Memorial's Outpatient Surgery Center.
A nurse will telephone you to check on your progress following your surgery. If you have any concerns or difficulties prior to this call, please contact your physician or report to the nearest emergency room.
If you have any other questions concerning your visit to UPMC Pinnacle Memorial's Outpatient Surgery Center, please call 717-843-7613.