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325 South Belmont Street
York, Pennsylvania 17405

Medical Education
Memorial Hospital is an American Osteopathic Association (AOA)-accredited teaching hospital and offers an internship and residency program as well as extern rotations.
Memorial Hospital has been a training site for hundreds of osteopathic physicians. In June of 2007, Memorial Hospital graduated its 60th intern class. Many of our graduating residents remain in York and become members of our medical staff.
The administration and medical staff of Memorial Hospital are committed to excellence in health care and in the training programs for its interns, residents and medical students.
Memorial offers six American Osteopathic Association (AOA)-accredited residency programs including emergency medicine, family practice, general surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology surgery and orthopedic surgery.
The internship at Memorial is an AOA-approved 12-month rotating internship.
The extern rotations are numerous. We have students on core rotations and on electives. Rotations are available in most of the major departments. Housing for medical students is available, but limited. Meals are provided in the cafeteria.
Over 60 percent of the current medical staff of Memorial Hospital completed either an internship or residency program at Memorial and elected to remain in the area to practice.
Below is a list of benefits Memorial offers to its interns and residents, in addition to a competitive salary:
  • Professional liability coverage for intern and residency duties
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance with a co-pay
  • Life insurance is equal to the annual salary
  • Short and long term disability
  • Critical care and employment accident plan
  • Flexible spending account
Leave Policy
Leave is granted for vacation, illness, conferences, maternity and military assignments. A leave form must be completed and a record is kept on file. A maximum of four weeks (20 days) may be granted without extending the internship or residency.
Educational Allotment
An educational allotment of $1,500 is provided annually for books, conferences and educational activities. Memorial Hospital offers a competitive salary in addition to an attractive benefits package.
Physician Coats
Two personalized laboratory coats are provided.
Meal Allowance
Free meals are offered in the Hospital cafeteria.
A library is open 24-hours-a-day for the use of students, interns and residents. Reprints may be ordered and a computer with internet access is available. Wireless internet and DynaMed is available.
For more information, please call 717-849-5781.